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Asokumar Electronics & Services is a privately owned company that delivers IT support and services. At the moment, we are honoured to flaunt our powerful crew of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and providing solutions to your IT challenges, and meeting your business needs. We help businesses achieve digital transformation.


Our Services

Website Design
Mobile Application
Software Development
Graphic Design
SEO Implementation

Need fully managed IT? We’re your resource. Book a techie for your business.

We have a perfect solution for every IT challenge. Taking IT to the next level. Solve your business challenges with innovative technologies.


We Provide Home Automation Products


Automatic Water Level Controller

AWLC controls a motor, which helps in the automatic supply of water to elevated tanks on buildings that switches On/Off the motor when the water in the tank goes above/below the max/min level.

Time Switch

Timer Switch

A timer switch which is also called as time switch is nothing but the timer that operates an electrical switch that is controlled by the timing mechanism

Fire Safety System

Fire Safety System

Fire Safety System a.k.a Fire Protection System contains the visual and audible component, that are designed to alert occupants to evacuate the building.

Motion Sensor Light

Motion Light

A motion sensor light triggers a response when a stir is detected. A few types of motion sensor lights, also known as occupancy sensors start functioning by turning off lights in unpopulated rooms and spaces.


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    Why Choose Our Solutions

    Do you have a project? Do you need specific software?

    You want to develop software but you don't know how to program. We are here to help you carry out your project. We will then program your custom software according to your specifications.

    Why to have a website?

    Today, having a website is essential to gain more visibility. In our modern world where people are spending more and more time on the Internet, having a website for a business is no longer a question, but a necessity. As important as having a phone number.

    Your website, accessible anytime and anywhere, will allow your customers to better understand your activity, your prices, your team, your expertise and more.

    An e-commerce site is essential to sell your products. Your customer will then be able to buy your products and your services at any time, independently.

    How will ASOKUMAR ES help you increase your business?

    After creating your website, it is necessary to make regular updates in order to publish content, present your new products, etc.

    ASOKUMAR ES will then take care of updating your website, advertising, SEO, etc.

    How will ASOKUMAR ES help you to make your home smarter?

    We also make home automation products to make your home safer and smarter.

    ASOKUMAR ES takes care of installation and maintenance of your home automation needs.

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    What our clients say

    I had the opportunity to meet Mr. ASOKUMAR and although surprised by his young age, I was even more surprised by his level of skill, his great rigor and precision. ASOKUMAR has a great ability to solve problems. He was able to advise me very well on home automation equipment for my home. The whole installation was custom-made by ASOKUMAR, according to my needs. Better contact him
    Real Estate Consultant
    Mr. ASOKUMAR is always & looking for new ideas in the service of others. An inventive, creative spirit with this quality of doing well and don't let go. He has a lot of ambition and has delighted us with these prizes which he wins very often.
    Loran MARCHE
    Technology Professor

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